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DZone Links You Don't Want To Miss (2/21/13)

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18 API Business Models: The Breakdown 
A useful model of 18 different ways to monetize your APIs.  See what models Twitter, Facebook, Amazon, Netflix, PayPal, and many other companies fall under.

More Experiences From The Guy Who Blogs About Working on StarCraft and WarCraft  
DZone did an interview with Patrick Wyatt, a veteran of the gaming industry, and his stories are just amazing.  Anyone with an interest in Computer Science will enjoy this blog.

Salt, a Puppet/Chef Replacement, Gaining Mainstream Attention 
When I found Salt last year it looked like it had potential to become very widespread.  Now we can see it's getting attention in this article from the Linux Journal.  Another open source release engineering tool that I think has a lot of potential is Ansible


Hadoop 2.0.3 Alpha Release 
This release will be the introduction to YARN, which devised resources management and job life-cycle management into separate components within the Job Tracker.

jenv: A JDK Manager for the Command Line 
Inspired by  rbenv , jenny allows facilities to manage different versions of Java on a per project basis all on the same machine.

Be a Google Glass Beta Tester for $1,500 
Pay $1,500 to look like a dork...


Harlem Shake Any Website 
You know you want to...

Wise-Ass Comments About Higgs-Boson Doomsday 
While all the commenters joke about the doomsday predicted by the Higgs-Boson related data, one man contemplates whether he will have his mortgage payed off in time.