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Weekly Poll: Windows 8... When?

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Today's Windows 8 release got us wondering, "When did we actually start using Windows 7?" I, personally, got my Windows 7 key pre-release from being a member of the ACM. My former roommate, on the other hand, didn't pick it up for two years, holding on to his XP build. Realizing we'll likely have the same differences this release, we have this week's poll: "Windows 8. . .  When?"

Please note that question one is asking when you adopted Windows 7 (on any machine - work, home, or other), and question two is asking when you will adopt Windows 8. You'll get to review the community results immediately after completing the poll.

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Greg Brown replied on Fri, 2012/10/26 - 10:08am

To all of those who voted "never" on upgrading to Windows 8...let's be real. I'm guessing you said the same thing when Windows 7 came out, but now I bet you say that "Windows 7 is the best OS Microsoft has ever produced". I'm also betting that a year from now, you'll be saying the same thing about Windows 8. Get over yourselves and stop dragging your feet whenever something new comes out. "Different" isn't always bad.

Mark Unknown replied on Fri, 2012/10/26 - 10:55am

I don't remember when I got Win 7. I got it when my PC died. That is when I will get Win 8.

Jason Cone replied on Fri, 2012/10/26 - 2:17pm in response to: Greg Brown

I'd bet that the answers depend on a poll respondent's conception of "using Windows."  I took it more as "adopt Windows 8 for your personal use."

I think just about all of us probaby "use Windows" in the sense of testing our apps on Windows.  I know I have virtual machines for XP and Windows 7 that I fire up if I want to test something Windows-specific.  But I never "use Windows" in the sense of "using it as my OS to get work done."  


Mark Unknown replied on Fri, 2012/10/26 - 3:14pm in response to: Jason Cone

Went by Beast Buy and looked at the new Windows Tablets/PCs/Laptops.  Swiped the screen a few times. Thought, how is my wife gonna do that from across the room with her 46'' tv.  Didn't actually click into anything as I was like 'yeaa ... whatever'.  Mainly cause all the laptops felt like POS - the tablet was fine though. Went back and looked at the MBs.

Daryl Spencer replied on Fri, 2012/10/26 - 4:16pm in response to: Greg Brown

Well, have you considered that not all people use Windows? I've been using Linux exclusively since about 2005, and dual booted with Windows for several years before that. So I have not "getting over" or "feet dragging" to do.

Jose Smith replied on Fri, 2012/10/26 - 4:44pm in response to: Greg Brown

I don't think this is fair.  Windows 7 had nothing but praise pre-launch from what I remember.  Is there really anyone who said they will never upgrade to Windows 7 besides perhaps a few gamers complaining about their FPS?  From what I remember, nearly everyone (especially Vista users) was looking forward to upgrading.

 Windows 8 is a completely different thing.  I need to purchase a PC for a family member and honestly I think Windows 7 or OS X is better for her needs.  So she may be in the camp that never upgrades to Windows 8 and instead waits for Windows 9... or...  switches to Mac.

 I on the other hand may buy a Surface for myself.. but as an OS for my primary computer I'm still confused. 

Andrea Del Bene replied on Sun, 2012/10/28 - 5:47pm in response to: Daryl Spencer

Well said Darly! :)

Jeroen Van Dijk replied on Mon, 2012/10/29 - 2:47am

Whahaha 40% says NEVER!! :-D

Let's talk with them in 2 years, and who actually indeed did NOT have to get along with the herd. I guess inevitably we all have to, Windows is (DAMN) still used most often and our great software must still contain special bugs in order to have it work under IE.

Andy Jefferson replied on Mon, 2012/10/29 - 6:31am in response to: Jeroen Van Dijk

No we all don't. Perhaps read some of the other replies above for why.

Clive le Roux replied on Wed, 2012/10/31 - 5:42am

 I run Linux dual boot with Windows7 purely for gaming.
The only time I will upgrade my Windows7 is when the newer games refuse to work in Windows 7 and I will be forced to upgrade to whatever Windows is the latest at that time. Hopefully that will only be in 10 years or more, and by that time Linux will have better gaming support, so I can drop Windows forever.

I have not heard anything good about Windows8 yet, a few people like it but the majority hate it.

Jason Cone replied on Wed, 2012/10/31 - 5:40pm in response to: Clive le Roux

Hopefully less than 10 years.  There's hope: Steam being ported to Linux may get the ball rolling.

Fuuck You replied on Thu, 2012/12/20 - 8:36am in response to: Greg Brown

No, Windows is still worst OS I have seen and used. Windows 7 and 8 are still shittier than old xp. I don't know how much one have to be raterded to assume thing like you do. We will fucking NEVER "upgrade" to any Windows 8 shit, because we have had something better long before this useless crap was even created. Is it so difficult to understand?

Jason Sparks replied on Wed, 2014/03/26 - 1:02pm

It's undeniable how powerful the software is, but not friendly as windows 7 especially for basic use of a computer. 

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