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Daily Dose - Java Contracts: By Google

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Contracted code in Java can reveal failures much closer to their fault, shaving hours off your debugging sessions.  It's good news then that Google has just made it easier to implement contracts in Java with the launch of their new open source tool: Contracts for Java.  The tool is based on a project called Modern Jass and was inspired by a programming language called Eiffel.

Spring Mobile and Spring GemFire Updates
SpringSource's newly acquired GemFire technology has finally been plugged into a Spring project (and it works for Java AND .NET).  The distributed data management platform, Spring GemFire, has reached version 1.0 (final) and now enjoys auto-generation for  Non-reflection based Instantiators plus template and callback support, allowing simple native API acccess.  SpringSource also released the third milestone for Spring Mobile 1.0, which brings general user site preference management.

Cisco Hops on the OpenStack Bandwagon

The coders over at Cisco are joining forces with the now-robust OpenStack community.  The open source cloud platform effort is living up to its potential as industry leaders work together to realize the true purpose of the cloud.  Cisco Blogger Lew Tucker explains: "Imagine being able to create network abstractions that allow you to “isolate” a set of cloud resources, apply policies, and manage network services, whether in a single data center or distributed across the globe."

Natty Narwhal Surfaces
Speaking of OpenStack, Canonical has announced that they would also join the OpenStack community and would bring the cloud platform technology into Ubuntu 11.04 as a preview feature.  Ubuntu 11.04 reached alpha 2 status this week.  11.04 will be the first version to replace the GNOME Shell with Unity.  Natty Narwhal will also switch from to LibreOffice, the non-Oracle community fork.

iPad is the new IE6
People complain that Flash have bugs only because they never tried to do anything “complex” using HTML5 video on the iPad.  
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Jonathan Fisher replied on Wed, 2011/02/09 - 10:44am

Mitch, what happened to daily dose? These are awesome, keep them coming!

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