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Dariusz Suchojad09/14/13
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The Splendid State of Python and WebSphere MQ Programming

Summarizes options programmers have when it comes to WebSphere MQ programming with Python - goes through PyMQI, Spring Python and Zato projects with hints when to use each one.

Mitch Pronschinske09/13/13
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DevOps and AWS Jobs Experience Record Growth

According to Dice.com, 3,600 jobs were created in "data processing, hosting and related services" in July this year, which was a level that this category hasn't been reached since 1998. Most of the job descriptions contained the keywords "DevOps" and "AWS."

Martin Fowler09/12/13
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Writing Tests Against Page Objects

When you write tests against a web page, you need to refer to elements within that web page in order to click links and determine what's displayed. However, if you write tests that manipulate the HTML elements directly, your tests will be brittle when there are changes in the UI.

Allen Coin09/11/13
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Dev of the Week: Duncan Brown

This week we're talking to Duncan "The Mad Grapher" Brown, graph-based database enthusiast, and wearer of many hats.

Mitch Pronschinske09/11/13
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Debating Admin Functionality in Nanomsg

Nanomsg creator Martin Sustrik has a new blog post out this week about some discussions happening in the early stages of Nanomsg's development. These discussions are currently about adding administrative functionality and giving Nanomsg a config file. It's something that it's ancestor, ZeroMQ, doesn't have.

Mitch Pronschinske09/11/13
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A NoSQL Schema Evolution Language

Many NoSQL data stores have the advantage of being schema-free (although the data still has an implicit structure). However, NoSQL stores don't have convenient schema management tools for when the schema evolves with the application. Meet the NoSQL schema evolution language.

Chase Seibert09/10/13
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Writing a cURL to Python Install Script for a Django Development Environment

I came up with a version that installs a pretty vanilla Django development environment, from scratch. It doesn’t assume anything except cURL and Python, both of which come pre-installed on OSX and Ubuntu.

David Pollak09/10/13
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My Process for Creating APIs

Much of the library/API code I write is for me. Or more specifically, for projects I'm getting paid to work on. Lift to a great degree grew out of work I did on Innovation Games.

Mitch Pronschinske09/10/13
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DZone Weekly Link Roundup (September 10)

Want to see GitHub's Oval Office replica? Complete with Octocat Seal? Check that out along with the Stack Exchange homegrown DevOps tools, the CSS Animation Cheat Sheet, and another DZone "dev" shirt sighting!

Phil Whelan09/09/13
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Interview on PaaS

What you're doing (I would hope) is outsourcing the generic and largely solved problems, leaving your staff free to concentrate on the things that are unique and valuable to your business.

Antonin Januska09/09/13
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When Will the Golden Age of “The Developer” End?

When I entered the field of programming, I was amazed at how quickly I was able to rise. I was amazed at how my friends prospered as well. But is this gravy-train eventually going to end for all of us?

Brian Gracely09/09/13
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The Cloudcast – #100 – Constipated Unicorns and Cloud Bollocks

Aaron and Brian celebrate Episode #100 with a roundtable of their favorite guests. They discuss why Cloud sucks, how to save OpenStack companies, how many clouds does the world really need, and is the future of all tradeshows in Portland.

Mitch Pronschinske09/09/13
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Sphinx as a Mult-Language API Documenting Tool

This post from Jeremy Bowman and the Safari Flow blog is from earlier in the year, but I thought it was a creative and highly useful tutorial for building API docs with Sphinx that was worth highlighting.

Jason Whaley09/06/13
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Amazon releases a 1.0 Version of the AWS Command Line Interface

New features such as output formatting and profiles highlight AWS's new CLI release to replace their traditional CLI command set.

Adam Grocholski09/06/13
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Azure CLI Day 0 – Install

As you know, I’m a huge fan of Windows Azure. One of the features I’ve come to truly appreciate over the past two months is the cross-platform command line tools. For this walk-through, I’m using a MacBook Air with OS X (Mountain Lion).