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Allen Coin12/04/13
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Dev of the Week: German Viscuso

This week we're talking to Claus Viscuso, open source advocate, OO software developer, and developer evangelist at Kii focusing on MBaaS and Android.

Rafał Kuć12/04/13
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SolrCloud: What Happens When ZooKeeper Fails?

One of the questions the author tends to get is what happens with a SolrCloud cluster when ZooKeeper fails. Not a single ZooKeeper instance failure, but the whole ensemble not being accessible. Because the answer to this question is easy to verify, the author decided to show what happens when ZooKeeper fails.

Vlad Mihalcea12/04/13
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MongoDB Facts: Over 80,000 Inserts/Second on Commodity Hardware

While experimenting with some time series collections, the author needed a large data set to check that his aggregation queries don’t become a bottleneck in case of increasing data loads. He settled for 50 million documents, and compared random value generation with JavaScript and Python.

Seth Proctor12/04/13
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Testing Network Failure Using NuoDB and Jepsen, Part 2

Previously, the author talked about the Jepsen tester and about the various improvements made to it. In this post, the author will walk through a Jepsen run made with the code from their Github fork, explain the test setup, and then go through the output and explain the behavior that Jepsen is producing in NuoDB.

Eli Bendersky12/04/13
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Intel i7 Loop Performance Anomaly

Recently I’ve been doing some benchmarking and came upon a very surprising behavior from a number of different Intel i7 CPUs (it manifests on Sandy Bridge and Haswell desktop-class CPUs as well as Sandy Bridge-EP Xeon CPUs).

Lorna Mitchell12/04/13
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Git Add Interactive

In common with most development projects these days, I'm using git more and more. It's interesting though that the way that I use this tool just keeps on changing and evolving even after about 4 years of regular use. Today I thought I'd share a new habit that I've developed: using git's ability to stage changes interactively.

Evan Leybourn12/04/13
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Managing Distributed Agile Teams

In a distributed Agile project, team members may not often see each other face to face, but must work collaboratively toward a single outcome. The reasons for distributing your Agile team will be different for each organisation.

Johannes Brodwall12/04/13
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Lean Architecture

Lean thinking describes seven classical sources of waste. Here are the seven wastes of enterprise information application architecture:

Dalip Mahal12/04/13
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What the Heck are Non-Functional Requirements?

Every developer needs to be aware of what those non-functional requirements are and why operations personnel and help desk personnel are customers that are just as important as the end-users.

Andreas Kollegger12/03/13
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Why Graph Databases are the Best Tool for Handling Connected Data like in Diaspora

Document databases do a good job at storing a single representation of an aggregate entity, but struggle to handle use-cases that require multiple, different views of the domain. Fortunately, there is a data model that embraces rich connections between your domain entities: graph databases.

Lukasz Szyrmer12/03/13
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Five Metaphors Which Eliminate Legacy Code Confusion

Einstein supposedly claimed that “if he had one hour to save the world he would spend fifty-five minutes defining the problem and only five minutes finding the solution.” Legacy code requires that kind of imagination.

Rafał Kuć12/03/13
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Apache Lucene and Solr 4.6

Recently, Apache Lucene and Solr PMC announced another version of Apache Lucene library and Apache Solr search server numbered 4.6. This is a next release continuing the 4th version of both Apache Lucene and Apache Solr.

Nikita Salnikov...12/03/13
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G1 vs CMS vs Parallel GC

This post is following up the experiment we ran exactly a year ago comparing the performance of different GC algorithms in real-life settings. We took the same experiment, expanded the tests to contain the G1 garbage collector and ran the tests on different platform.

Steven Lott12/03/13
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Python vs. R for Data Science

The Python vs. R article cited in this post clarifies the reasons why a programming language is a better choice than a "tool" or "platform."

Roman Pichler12/03/13
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The GO Product Roadmap – a New Agile Product Management Tool

I have developed a new goal-oriented agile roadmap — the GO product roadmap, or “GO” for short. GO is based on my experience of teaching and coaching product managers and product owners, as well as using product roadmaps in my own business.