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Mitch Pronschinske08/13/13
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The ZeroMQ-Powered Challenge-Bot

BitBucket user flowblok posted code for his IRC bot named "challenge-bot." It's pretty short. Only 155 lines. He has Python to thank for that. Another cool technology you can see in use within his code is ZeroMQ.

Steven Lott08/13/13
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Negative Requirements

Nothing is funnier than requirements which state things that are not to happen. An actual quote: "... don't screw up cutting and pasting and the "/" vs "\" depending on unix / windows."

Jim Hirschauer08/12/13
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DevOps Scares Me - Part 4: Dev and Ops Collaborate Across the Lifecycle

DevOps isn’t just a set of tools, but a philosophical shift that needs that requires buy-in from all folks involved to really succeed. It’s only through a high level of collaboration that things will change for the better.

Mitch Pronschinske08/12/13
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The ZeroMQ Docs Are Actually Pretty Funny

If you've read the ZeroMQ docs before, you probably noticed a few pockets of good old-fashioned corny nerd humor. It seems that the creators and the rest of the ZeroMQ development community had a little fun when creating their docs. Maybe other open source projects should follow their example.

Chris Chang08/12/13
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Mining Twitter Data and Stashing it in MongoDB

Twitter-Harvest is a Python script that utilizes the Twitter REST API v1.1 to retrieve tweets from a user’s timeline and insert them into a MongoDB database. It takes care of the nitty gritty and allows you to explore what makes MongoDB great.

Mitch Pronschinske08/12/13
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Using ZeroMQ with Go

This video has a double-header of presentations. The first is on twelve best practices for the Go programming langauge, and the second presentation, which starts after the 50 minute mark, is about using ZeroMQ with Go.

Mitch Pronschinske08/11/13
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MongoDB Hadoop Adapter Reaches 1.1

The 10gen blog announced the release of Mongo-Hadoop 1.1 in a post that recaps the project's progress so far.

Mitch Pronschinske08/10/13
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Casual Log Collection and Querying with fluent-plugin-riak

Learn how Riak and fluentd make a powerful combination for log collection and querying. The fluent-plugin-riak library makes it all possible.

Mitch Pronschinske08/10/13
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DZone Weekly Link Roundup (August 11)

Learn about the new utilities for Dropbox and SkyDrive. Then you'll have to see if you fall in love with Angular and Python 3.4. Plus, have fun with the developer excuse generator and the startup legitimizer.

Dariusz Suchojad08/09/13
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HTTP request throttling/rate limiting in Zato

The scenario - you integrate three applications, two client HTTP ones and the third is a backend one (no matter the technology). All is well except client1 tends to send requests in bursts for no good reason and its developers just cannot tame it.

Zac Gery08/09/13
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A Respectful Guide to Developer Termination

Behind all the procedures, rules, and processes there is a person who will be without a job. This is a common area where many managers and companies lose focus.

A. Jesse Jiryu Davis08/09/13
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Analyzing Python C Extensions with CPyChecker

Writing C extension modules for Python is tricky: the programmer must manually manage reference counts and the exception state, in addition to the usual dangers of coding in C. CPyChecker is a new static checker being developed by David Malcom to rescue us from our mistakes.

Dariusz Suchojad08/08/13
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Integrate ZeroMQ, AMQP, JMS WebSphere MQ and more in 2 lines of Python code with Zato

See how to use Zato (a Python-based ESB) to integrate ZeroMQ, AMQP, JMS WebSphere MQ and more in a pass-through manner using 2 lines of code. The article goes through Zato's main features and characteristic aspects.

Mitch Pronschinske08/08/13
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Nobody will Train You but You

Why do we all know a developer who has been pounding out unmaintainable code for a decade or more? Why do people "believe in TDD but I don't have time to write tests during crunch?" How is it that we have an entire industry based around rescuing teams from acutely awful Rails apps?

Mitch Pronschinske08/08/13
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Beanstalkd: Pragmatic Message Queueing

I think I've found one of the best, most straightforward introductions yet to Beanstalkd, an under-appreciated member of the message queue community.