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Troy Miles01/07/14
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How to Prepare for a Hackathon

In a previous post I wrote of why I like to participate in hackathons. This time I'd like to talk about how to participate. What sort of prep work you will need to to get ready.

Baptiste Wicht01/07/14
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Thor OS: Boot Process

Some time ago, I started a hobby project: writing a new operating system. I’m not trying to create a concurrent to Linux, I’m just trying to learn some more stuff about operating systems. In this post, I’ll describe the boot process I’ve written for this operating system.

Mats Lindh01/07/14
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Apache 2.4 Failing to Recognize Virtual Hosts

After upgrading from Apache 2.2 to 2.4 in a Windows development environment, all my virtualhosts stopped working. I could add syntax errors to the files which would make Apache refuse to start up, or get notices about invalid document roots, but the virtual host server names just wouldn’t catch on.

Aliza Earnshaw01/07/14
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Cloud Automation Spreads to Applications

Many organizations offer APIs. The really interesting trend is that APIs are being used to automate tuning of cloud-based applications to meet varying demands

Alec Noller01/07/14
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What Comes After NoSQL?

According to this recent article, there are changes to come for NoSQL databases. The article looks at the origins of NoSQL - MongoDB in particular - and its reasons for existing, but the central argument is that there is an increasing and still-unmet need for performance to match the scalability of NoSQL databases.

Ayende Rahien01/06/14
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Growable Memory

I wish that I could have more control over virtual memory. In particular, what I would really like at this time is the ability to map two virtual address ranges to the same physical memory. However, what I would like to do is to have a pure memory based system, without any files being involved.

Pascal Alma01/06/14
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Automated Deployment with Mule Management Console and Maven

In my opinion a deployment of any application should be as automated as possible to avoid errors due to manual mistakes. This is no different with a Mule ESB application. This instrument makes the governance of the deployment of your Mule applications into different environments easier and therefore the whole deployment cycle less error-prone.

Mitch Pronschinske01/06/14
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Alpaca: Generate Client Libraries for Your API in Ruby, Python, Node.js, and PHP

Another tool for making your API development life easier has emerged on GitHub this week. The new tool is called Alpaca.

Stefan Armbruster01/06/14
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Indexing in Neo4j: An Overview

Neo4j as a graph database features indexing as the preferred way to find start points for graph traversals. Over the years multiple different indexing approaches have been added. The goal of this article is to give an overview on this to avoid confusion, especially for those who just recently got started with Neo4j.

Arthur Charpentier01/06/14
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Data News: Alternative Solutions and Perspectives on Bayesian Tests, and More

This installment of Arthur Charpentier's regular collection of data science-related links includes the impact of computer models on economics, climate science and public health, an introduction to Python for econometrics, statistics, and data analysis, and alternative solutions and perspectives on Bayesian tests.

Lukas Eder01/06/14
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SQL and NoSQL are Really Just Two Sides of the Same Coin

In a recent debate about NoSQL vs. SQL on Hackernews, the author was made aware of an amusing paper by Erik Meijer and Gavin Bierman. What they are claiming in their article is the fact that SQL and NoSQL are duals of each other, i.e. two sides of the same coin.

Alec Noller01/05/14
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The Top 10 Articles of 2013: NoSQL Zone

Rather than the best of the week this week, let's see the most popular articles NoSQL had to offer in 2013. The year's best include 5 things for Java developers to consider, an aptly-titled critique of blogs that attack popular tech simply for the sake of the clicks, Martin Fowler's introduction to NoSQL, and much more.

Alec Noller01/05/14
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The Top 10 Articles of 2013: Big Data Zone

Rather than the best of the week this week, let's take a look at the most popular articles Big Data had to offer in 2013. The year's best include Google's Big Data papers, the basics of creating a MapReduce program with Hadoop, a hashmap internal implementation analysis in Java, and much more.

Davy Suvee01/04/14
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Hubway Data Visualization Challenge Entry: The Flow of Bikers

Recently, Hubway finished its Data Visualization Challenge. The purpose of the challenge is to create appealing visualizations that provide Hubway with cool insights in how customers are using their bikes. As the author had 8 hours to spare on a flight to New York, he decided to give it a go.

Chase Seibert01/03/14
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Saving for Retirement as a Software Engineer

This is intended as a bare-bones intro to saving for retirement, targeted at software engineers. Ballpark, you make about $100k a year in your 20s. If you want to have that same income in retirement, you need about four million dollars saved up.