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Jim Bird12/13/13
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Stop Telling Stories

There are beautiful, simple ideas in today’s Agile development methods that work really well. And some that don’t. Like defining all of your requirements as User Stories. I don’t like the format that most teams use to write stories. And I don’t like how they use them.

Johanna Rothman12/13/13
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How Many People Can You Manage as a Manager?

In my first management role, I “managed” one person. My managee didn’t need much management. He guided me into how to manage him more than I managed him. Later in my management career, I managed a “team” of 15 testers.

Mitch Pronschinske12/13/13
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DigitalOcean Growth Rate is Higher than AWS

Take a look at DigitalOcean's growth numbers this month. They've outpaced all of Amazon Web Services, which is impressive given the number of services that AWS entails, and the straightforward single service that DigitalOcean provides.

Ayende Rahien12/13/13
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SafeList, SafeDictionary–fast immutable structures

After the issues we run into with immutable structures, I decided that I still wanted to maintain the same guarantees that immutable data structures gave us, but that still maintain the speed of mutable structures.

Troy Hunt12/12/13
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Have I been Pwned? Ask the API!

Troy Hunt, the world's security guru, reveals his new API for the awesome site he made, haveibeenpwned.com, which tells you if your email address has been part of a major security breach.

Alec Noller12/12/13
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D4: Automated Distributed Document DB Designs for MongoDB

ongoDB users may be interested in D4, an automated tool used to create distributed document database designs for applications running on MongoDB. D4 is the product of a collaboration between Brown University students and employees of 10Gen, and the result looks interesting.

Mikio Braun12/12/13
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Mark Zuckerberg at NIPS: My Brain Melts.

So this actually happened: Mark Zuckerberg, CEO of Facebook, has attended the annual NIPS (Neural Information Processing Systems Foundation) conference in Lake Tahoe, Nevada. This is pretty remarkable, given the way the hype around deep learning has increased this year.

Comsysto Gmbh12/12/13
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Kanban in Action: a Great Experience

Coming from projects primarily conducted in the classic waterfall style – sometimes combined with some aspects of Scrum – I was really curious about learning more about the usage of Kanban. The questions we participants sought to be answered were: What is Kanban, and how can we use it to support our work?

Shany Dembak12/12/13
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5 Factors that Contribute to Employee Disengagement

It is a fact that some employees feel less excited or emotionally responsive toward their job. Here are some of the common reasons why people experience negative feelings about their work.

Dmitriy Setrakyan12/12/13
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Web Session Clustering: No Session Left Behind

Web session clustering provides freedom of load balancing user sessions to any app server without losing intermediate user session data. Why? Because underneath it takes advantage of in-memory distributed caching technology which ensures that user sessions are available in memory regardless of which server is hit.

Kris Buytaert12/12/13
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Docker vs Reality: 0 - 1

There's a bunch of people out there that think I don't like docker, they are wrong. I just never understood the hype about it since I didn't see, (and still don't) see it being used at large and people seem to understand that as being against it.

Joe Stein12/12/13
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Using Vagrant to Get Up and Running with Apache Kafka

If you haven’t used Vagrant before then hopefully this will not only help you get up and running with Apache Kafka but also get introduced to Vagrant. Vagrant helps to create and configure lightweight, reproducible, and portable development environments.

Baptiste Wicht12/12/13
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Gentoo Tips: Avoid Gnome 3.8 from being emerged automatically

Since Gnome 3.8 has been out in the portage tree, a lot of problems arise when you try to emerge something. If it was only when you update the system, it would be OK, but this arises every time you try to install something.

Rob Galanakis12/12/13
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Spotify’s DNA of Autonomy and Collaboration

I’m personally tired of hearing about how new, growing, successful businesses do things. I felt different about this Spotify presentation even though it fit the mold. Autonomy and collaboration are built into organizational structure.

Ross Mason12/12/13
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Messaging aka the Not So Enteprisey Integration Patterns

Take a look at some of these messaging patterns that can be used beneficially even in modern, startup-esque applications, despite their "enterprise" label.