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Allen Coin07/17/13
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Dev of the Week: Dr. Richard Warburton

This week we're talking to Dr. Richard Warburton, developer at jClarity, author of an upcoming O'Reilly book on Java 8 Lambdas, and PhD in Computer Science.

Leigh Shevchik07/17/13
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In Any Language: Adapting to the Polyglot Programming Challenge

Do you write most of your software in the same language? If so, you might be getting left behind. One obvious tactic: get familiar with new languages and decide when to take them seriously.

Nick Johnson07/16/13
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Algorithm of the Week: Log Structured Storage

Typically, if you're designing a storage system, one of your major concerns is how to store the data on disk. You have to take care of allocating space for the objects to be stored, as well as storing the indexing data; you have to worry about fragmentation and extending existing objects.

John Cook07/16/13
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Bayes : Python :: Frequentist : Perl

Perl has the slogan “There’s more than one way to do it,” abbreviated TMTOWTDI and pronouced “tim toady.” Perl prides itself on variety. Python takes the opposite approach.

Gary Sieling07/15/13
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Building a Directory Structure Index in Python

I’m working through examples in “Natural Language Processing with Python” and found that the corpus I have to work with is large enough to require special performance tuning exercises.

Giuseppe Vettigli07/14/13
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Hopalong Fractals

Have you ever wondered what happen if you pick a point (x0,y0) and compute hundreds of point using these equations?

Mike Driscoll07/14/13
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Python: Distributing Data Support Files in a Zip

The other day, I heard that when we transfer some of our scripts to our batch farm, we cannot transfer sub-folders. So if I have a directory structure like the following, it needs to be flattened...

Allen Coin07/14/13
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How to Speed up a Python Program 114,000 times.

David Schachter goes over all the optimizations he made to his (secret) company's data-collecting program to get such massive performance gains.

Kris Buytaert07/12/13
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Open Business Models

A couple of months ago, Opscode came out with a bunch of announcements, one of them being that they are going to support the Open Source Chef in addition to their own platform. I'd love to see more companies do this formally.

Martin Fowler07/12/13
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Martin Fowler on Extreme Programming

Martin Fowler looks back at the beginnings of Agile and XP. Fowler says that most ThoughtWorks projects operate in a style that is primarily influenced by XP but not necessarily defined as XP. Hear from Fowler about how Kent Beck developed XP over the course of his consulting ...

Sony Arouje07/12/13
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Is Our Strategy of Identifying Experience Flawed?

In our current system we judge experience based on number of years. Is number of years the best criteria for judging a person’s experience?

Dave Bush07/11/13
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SSD–The Single Best Investment You can Make In your Computer

Hear about the author's first had experience that proves just how much faster an SSD drive makes your computer. Looking for a way to increase your productivity? This is it.

John Sonmez07/11/13
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How Religion Destroys Programmers

"When I look back at my development career, it seems to me that every programming language I was using at any given time was clearly the best one." Does this sound like you? If so, then you may be a 'religious' programmer. Let's take a look and see if you are.

Mitch Pronschinske07/11/13
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Protect Your Private Git Repos From the NSA

Thinking about shielding your private code repositories from the NSA's prying eyes may seem like an overly paranoid thought, but with the scope of major web companies' involvement I can't say I would blame anyone for bringing their repos in-house.

Dave Fecak07/11/13
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Why You Didn’t Get The Interview, Part II

Dave Fecak's first article could not list every possible explanation that an employer or recruiter might use to discard a résumé, so he's added six more reasons in this article. Have a look.